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Courses Offered

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Program Development: Learning & Teaching - 1 Hour Class
       This learning session will explore how young children learn, the teacher's role in early learning,
       the continuum of teaching behaviors, and potential modifications and adaptations.
Business Records & Effective Program Operations - 1 Hour Class
       This course will explain the importance of record keeping in the child care environment and
       how these systems apply to health and safety, program development, and family development.
Communication with Families: Ensuring the Positive - 1.5 Hour Class
       This training session was designed to provide you with information about working with families
       across several different categories, and some key strategies on establishing
       open communication and productive relationships.
Family Style: The Way to Enjoy Our Food - 1 Hour Class
       This course will explore "Family Style Meals" and share details about serving meals
       family style in your child care program.
Quality & Food: Plates, Plans, & Programs - 1 Hour Class
       This course will share the links and details for the governing regulations, as well as
       strategies and examples of kid-friendly choices for your program.
Safety - Indoors & Outdoors: Identifying & Preventing Common Hazards - 1 Hour Class
       This course will take a look at some of the steps we can take to ensure safety in our programs.
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